Welcome to FirstLight

You have found a ministry that is dedicated to sexual integrity and helping people to live a life according to God's standards on sexuality. 


As you explore our website you will find a number of things:

  • Support groups for those struggling with sexual integrity
  • Groups for Spouses who have been betrayed
  • An LGBTQ community that understand and cares
  • A space for parents of LGBTQ children
  • Articles and Resources to help you be equipped for the journey
  • Our willingness to start conversations and provide education

FirstLight is writing and thinking about the ministries it is involved in. We do this to support you and keep ourselves sharp. One part of our mission is to integrate thinking about sexuality and theology and it shows in our writing. If you dig into the resources available we are confident you will benefit. 

Our hope is to equip the church and community with the truth, knowledge, and resources necessary for facing our sexualized culture. We would love to come to your church to start a conversation with you about these topics, be it during a Mission Moment, a Sunday School series, a Youth Group, or other educational opportunities.