This is something about counselors.

The following counselors are professional therapists who we trust to support you through your healing and growth process.

CCCAS = (Certified Clinical Sexual Addiction Specialist)
IACAS = (International Association of Certified Sexual Addiction Specialists)
CSAT= (Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist)
Practice Name Notes CCAS IACSAS CSAT
Associated Counselors of West County        
Avenues Counseling        
Bartlett, Amy Ruth        
Bley, Leslie        
Blum, Petra        
Burguet, Ian        
Burns, Jane        
CarePoint Christian Counseling Tyler Sparks
Rachel Peterka
Cousins, Deena 2645 W. Clay Street
Saint Charles, MO
CrossRoads Christian Counseling Center        
Gasser, Carol        
Grace and Truth Christian Counseling      
Gregory, Eric        
Greiner, Joel        
Hinders, Peggy        
Kaizen Counseling        
Kaleo Counseling Services Martha Ankey    
Karis House        
Killeen, Ed        
Koehler, Judy      
Krentz, Carol        
Kuhn, Dale        
Lockwood, Lee        
Loosemore, Paul      
Lucy, Kelley        
Maynor, Peter        
New Hope Christian Counseling        
New Leaf Counseling        
Paramore, Sonya        
Pendergrass, Hal        
Powell, Diane & Associates        
Rathie, John – Center for Counseling and Pastoral Care        
Remargo, Yancie      
Revision Christian Counseling        
Skurtu, Angela Angela is a non-Christian sex therapist.      
Snyder, Lori        
Teater, Daniel        
Theus, Frank