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To say I appreciate you all is an understatement. You are doing the REAL work. You are building the kingdom one life-change at a time. Truly you are a part of a work that will change family generations forever! Thank you.

Spouse Participant


FirstLight Ministries director of development.


Hilary Vanderworp


PO Box 32033
St. Louis, MO. 63132


If you have stock that you have owned for over one year, you may donate it to FirstLight and use its fair market value on your gift date as the amount of your donation. This benefits both FirstLight and you. You are not required to pay any capital gains taxes on it because you have donated rather than sold it, and we receive the full value of stock.


A donor-advised fund operates almost like a personal mini foundation. It is a charitable investment account that you can open through an organization like Fidelity, a local community foundation, or brokerage firm.

You can make tax-deductible gifts to your DAF using cash or appreciated investments, then choose when and where you want the designated money to be sent.

It’s a perfect option for those who want to use the bunching strategy. Simply make your gift to the donor-advised fund during the year in which you plan to itemize your deductions and enjoy the immediate tax break for your contribution.


Benefits of Gifts in a Will or Trust

  • Legacy. The impact of your generosity will extend well beyond your lifetime.

  • Simplicity. It is easy to add FirstLight as a beneficiary to your will or trust.

  • Flexibility. You can change your mind at any time on how to give your charitable gifts.


Please consult with your estate planning attorney or financial advisor on the tax implications of your gift.

By letting FirstLight  know about your planned gifts, you can help us plan ahead to meet the ministry needs about which you care so much. You also give us the opportunity to honor you for the difference you will make long after your lifetime.  Would you share with us your decision to include FirstLight in your will or trust with us? You can do so by contacting


If you are 70 ½ or older, you can make a sizable gift from your individual retirement account (IRA) to FirstLight AND receive significant tax benefits in return. Give a tax-wise gift up to $100,000 per year, knowing your gifts will have a significant impact.


You can give to FirstLight from your IRA without any federal tax liability, as long as the gifts are qualified charitable distributions (QCDs). Distributions qualify for all or part of an IRA owner’s required minimum distribution (RMD).

  • IRA holders must be age 70 ½ or older at the time of the gift.

  • Gifts must be outright gifts made directly to FirstLight.

  • Distributions to donor-advised funds, charitable trusts, or for charitable gift annuities are not permissible.

  • Distributions may only be made from traditional IRAs or Roth IRAs; other retirement accounts are not eligible. However, many donors will transfer funds from other retirement accounts to an IRA in order to make charitable gifts.

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