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Friend, we wish we could be meeting under different circumstances.

But we are glad you have found your way here. One of the most difficult consequences of betrayal is the sense of isolation that many women feel. It can leave you questioning so much.


The lies. The betrayal. Was anything even real? Whom can I trust now? Is there any way forward? You're sitting in the broken pieces of your life—feeling alone and betrayed and wondering if there is any hope for your marriage or if you’ll ever feel normal again.


You don't have to stay there.

Woman praying.
FirstLight Ministries spouse care volunteers.

FirstLight spouse group leaders

Firstlight Ministries spouse care leaders

FirstLight's spouse care groups provide

  • A safe space: Confidential groups ensure you have room to sort through the wreckage and identify the impact betrayal has had upon your life.

  • A community of people who get it: Our support groups consist of 6-8 participants and 2 leaders who meet in person weekly. You'll be able to connect regularly with other women who are struggling like you and who get your pain and anger, who won't be put off by the storm you're in right now.

  • A path forward: We will guide you through the curriculum to help you heal emotionally and spiritually, find your voice again, and establish healthy boundaries.

  • A way to rebuild: We will help you with the tools and strategies you need for long-term healing so that you can stand on your own two feet even after the group ends.

  • Resources: The pain of sexual brokenness affects many areas in a person's life. FirstLight offers individual and couples’ counseling to help you dive deeper into your own experience.

Participant Testimonials

The FirstLight spouse ministry was a life-saver for me. I felt like a bomb had gone off in my life and I spent months walking around, bleeding and unable to talk about it with anyone but my FirstLight group. Having others who understood what I was going through and who could encourage me that eventually I'd get through it and find a new normal was such a huge blessing!

Alexa Young, CA

Three Phases of Support



STAGE ONE helps women unpack the initial experience following the discovery of their husbands sexual sin. Trained facilitators help women develop emotional resilience skills to process their current experience of betrayal in a healthier way.

Two 15-week 

Curriculum Modules:




STAGE TWO groups help women reflect on the broader story of their lives by drawing connections between their early experiences of family trauma and their current experience of betrayal with their husband.



STAGE THREE groups move towards forgiveness by understanding their inner dialogue developing empathy toward those who have hurt them. 

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