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FirstLight Supports
Going Deeper with F3



F3, FirstLight, &
Saving the

Sad Clowns
of St Louis

F3’s mission is to help rescue men with “Sad Clown Syndrome.” Sad Clowns are men characterized by a perceived lack of agency, selfishness, lack of purpose, and lack of connection to others.


The most prevalent feature of the Sad Clown is his loneliness. 1-in-5 men report having no close friends. This contributes to increased risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, depression, anxiety, addiction, self-harm and suicidality, According to a Harvard study (2017). 


One affliction of the Sad Clown Syndrome is using pornography out of loneliness. 


Many men learn from an early age that sex can soothe their feelings of loneliness. Sex is a good and natural desire, but few experiences can be more disconnected from authentic human living than pretending to be intimate with someone on a digital screen. Studies have shown habitual porn use has been linked to increased anxiety, depression, self-harm and suicidal ideation as well as decreased sexual satisfaction.


Porn isn’t just something that you do because you are lonely. Porn can keep you lonely.


No more.


FirstLight shares F3’s concern for these men and we are doing something about it. Where F3 is helping empower men through community to take charge of their physical and mental fitness, FirstLight is helping empower men through community to regain agency over sex addiction and habitual pornography usage.


Together, we are helping men reject cheap imitations for connection and embrace authentic relationships.


Together, we are helping men take charge of their physical and mental fitness.


Together, we are helping men by Going Deeper.

FirstLight is a proud supporter of Going Deeper with F3.


Going Deeper is a set of BeatDown (workouts) meant to raise awareness for how community can help men overcome the burden of loneliness. By supporting one another we can achieve new heights in physical and mental fitness.


April 6:  Equipping Ourselves to Save a Life - Suicide Awareness and Prevention

April 9:  The Burden of Loneliness BeatDown

April 15:  The Burden of Loneliness BeatDown

April 19-20:  Going Deeper - 24 Hour BeatDown

We cannot complete these BeatDowns alone. We need your help. Join the community by signing up to participate or showing up to support others through the Going Deeper BeatDowns. Together, we can break free from isolation and experience the power of healthy, connected, and authentic living.

More Info

Help FirstLight rescue more Sad Clowns from porn addiction.

Members of F3 and FirstLight have made pledges to match up to $3500 of all donations.

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